Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My emotions is influenced by
The *pantheism, in the nature
I searched your reflection,
Life sized that mirror appeals
Day and night, whole the cosmos
Swings on your lap, I gaze this
Scene in mesmerized way,
Everybody looks here the kid of
Gigantic family, colors, creed
The conflict of philosophical egos,
Looks minute particle, a beam
Of love spectrum scatters the
Flow on every faces, hitherto I
Didn’t distinguish that familiar face,
Whom I love more or less, my
Heart doesn’t know to draw the
Division lines, it desires to include
All in one frame, it moves freely
Beyond the boundaries, as a
Flock of migratory birds, above the
Mountain, ocean, rainforest
Desert or the flourished valleys,
It flies consistently toward the
Peaceful an unknown destination of
Love and passion, a wet land of
Affluence, millions trees, shrubs for
Nesting the future dream, a
Perception, to see only smile not a
Single drop of tear, I did not
Sleep serenely whole the life, in
Search of real beauty I wandered
Everywhere to grow the seeds
Of universal emotion, a feeling to
Experience the pain of others too,
*A belief that god is in all nature
The Greek mythology