Friday, 30 September 2011


Numerous distressed faces, crowd of

Nightmarish body waits on the edge

Of survival, in fume of extinguished

Lamps, amid the ruins, the outskirts

Of life breaths in its manner, nature

Generates space for blooming, even

In the algae covered walls, eccentric

But beautiful flowers stretches their

World, continuously life searches the

Significance of existence, a struggle

In perception never ends, obstinate

Emotion says me consistently, that

Someday I would be part of the blue,

Boatman calls loudly, that evening

Enlarging the darkness, clouds are

Gathering on the western sky, but

Heart doesn’t care, if they have the

Intensity to quench the thirst, opened

Chest waits to soak all the moisture,

Life sails the dreamy dinghy into mist,

Awful calls of sailor disappears itself,

After passed away tempest, I created 

Own way, to navigate the vast river,

Do you still waiting, at the eroded edge,

On the stairs of derelict shrine of love,

Thursday, 29 September 2011


I couldn’t answer, just stared the face
Expression, on that fuzzy nightfall, the
Bunch of red roses, I had kept aside
And peeped through the depth of wet
Eyes, “I won’t meet again said by you”
Simply on that moment, the glass villa
Of our love, collapsed soundlessly but
All the sinking nights of past emerged,
As untamed river of emotion recedes
From the coarse shore, proverbial -
Body odor, passionate deep sigh, the
Entire revelation of covert relationship,
However unwillingly you couldn’t avoid,
Vis-à-vis to my persona, unseen cord of
Obsession brought near the chest, in
The shadows of that moonless night, the
Decision to leave me alone, rejuvenated,
Moreover, you said, “I wouldn’t be alive
After severance from you “on that point,
Life felt the significance of extreme love,
Which I have, the regrets had its own
Magnetism, I couldn’t go away for a while,
Extinct oceanic islands suddenly emerged,
Illuminated, sailor of gloom anchored -
The yacht in the planet of sapphire sky,
Gleaming dewdrops, gradually sprinkled,

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


On the surface of meadow, dotted
Night bloom, as the moist emotion
Desires to unfold the undisclosed
Flimsy moment, life had been sign
On the biography, written by your
Mysterious, unexplained language
Of body, translated by density of
Nearness, in the short distance all
The nocturnal fragrance attracted,
The enlightening wings of celestial
Crystals decorated the seclusion, the
Concaved valleys submerged into
The moonlight, bushed memories
Of life extinct into mist of wild falls,
I have had to say you lot, the heart’s
Rhythm couldn’t reach on the cord
Of perception, stunned sentiments
Didn’t find out the dodging direction,
I accepted the extensive, the flowing
Acquiescence s, silently your emotion
Overlapped my burning crater, the fire
Bath converted the life into the purity,
The crystal clear soul emerged in the
End of night, near the horizon line,