Thursday, 7 April 2011


Within me is your reflection entrenched,
Nobody would be proficient to eliminate
The roots of affection, it goes secretly –
Across the flowering valley, river, ocean
Sky is not the limit, nameless horizons
Would you like to follow the blazing path?
Come along me, to know how much I love
You, the life is short, profundity infinite,
From surface it looks apparent beautiful
In the molecule of emotion, definition has
Twist by twist a sequence of cosmos,
Clouds are stairs, in each steps are several
Genesis, how to reach on that zenith, to
Trace the source of flow, but its flows in
Natural way, which we together feel in
Love, the soul repulses negative aspects
As body shelters inside the body of adored,
Reciprocal equation of life becomes
Never-ending bond, devotion goes up and
Up converts to supreme divinity, chasm
Reduce further to create closeness in
A way that mind starts work jointly, later
Breathe converts the life to immortality
Love achieves in this level to real zest
Touching to amazing point in life,
Imagination of paradise slowly becomes
Reality, than physical pleasure replaced
By spirituality to get truth of birth and death


Back of the sand dune moon emerged
By scattering miraculous beauty
Bedouins have been lit fire, the Semitic
Song of sweet rhythm is in the wind
Caravan of celestial luminaries settled
Beneath the enormous tent of blues
Tonight I am waiting for you near the
Oasis, in the wilderness, spiny shrub had
Composed dreams in its stems, fire flies
Have left over the veil, liberated the gloom
Emotions are climbing on desert plateau
By serpentine crawl, to touch the passion
Let me to love you in marvelous way
I know, ethics of land faded your beauty
Invisible shackle of leg obstructs the path
Miserable eyes want sweet touch of -
Dreams, little glittering for survival,
You break the rules tonight, bluff the
Watching eyes, camouflage your beauty
Borrow the glow from full moon, mesmerize
The world, I’m sure, you would be succeed
My belief says you will come to meet me
Once, let the fake faces of doctrines
To die, tonight I am prepared to go through
Any penalty, in love everything is acceptable
Whiplashes are nothing, just throw the
Face cover, let dewdrops to scatter on your
Scalded skin, say good bye to golden cage
Sweet heart exchange your life tonight
By night bird before the moon to be dissolved,
Its life into the oasis lake forever –


Drenched Sunday, yes that was amazing
Monsoon night, in the heavy rain, our first
Meeting instant, treasured turning point
Waiting beneath the Gulmohar* tree,
Deserted street, near the public park, in
First look we had fallen in love, strangeness
Busted very soon while rain was continued,
Walked together, shelter of your ragged
Umbrella could not save the inner flare!
We felt unseen attraction, you said be stay
Near, otherwise sneezing to be attack,
I laughed, found delicate hand pulling my
Shoulder arm that nearness changed -
Completely life, I could not sleep on that
Night, I moved on the edges of a strange
Circle bejeweled with crystalline conic beauty!
In the next twilight, sky was clear, the
Promise honored by your beautiful entrée
In my unoccupied life, in the far away, blue
Mountain inhabitant, the streetlight were
Looking as a diamond necklace is forgot by
Galaxy before reaching to sky, day by day
Shrinkage of hesitant brought our souls, heart
Body, mind, nearer so nearer to identical
Breathe, an homogenous addiction settled
On the surface of love, numerous monsoon
Night passed, many spring twilight filled
Colors in our life, several summer days bring
The agitation, I surprise, think often,
What is that hidden source of flow in your
Eyes, never goes to dry, this everlasting love
Never permit me to love again, to someone.

* Gulmohar tree - an Indian tree having beautiful flowers with lacy leaves, called fire of forest too.