Sunday, 17 April 2011


Incognito is someone, loves me
A lot, for eternity but doesn’t accept
The reality, the pseudo character
On the other hand, something else,
I don’t know, heart says she wants
Me, from tip to toe, the seduction
Goes day and night, vamp’s behavior
Volatile gesture, incites the emotions
The invisible trap, body movement
Passionate smile, an arrow dipped in
Venom or honey, God knows, perhaps
The unsolved mystery follows me all
The time, she creates the chimera
Before my vision, I found myself hurt,
Nothing goes wrong with her, she
Travels above the wild blooms easily
As usual laughing, smiling, shaking -
Hands with strangers, familiar faces
Whenever I tried to go nearer, a
Ignorance look says me just wait in
Distance, immaturity of desire fails
Occasionally, I go behind, inflexible my
Feelings don’t wish negotiation, the
Flames go up and up, a villainous
Attitude in my perception consistently -
Was developed, other side miasma
Became thicker to burst in multi flow
I asked, do you love me or not, answer
Was amazing, she said, I waited for
This moment, that one day you would
Force me to accept the absolute love
Just like mannish way, with infinite chest.



On that revolving point, I left over
The enmity, negativity, cynical view
Moreover, began to love the life
In that turning apex, in the rainy
Twilight, with wet sentiments I had
Seen the full-grown adolescent
In your dark, jovial deer – eyes
In the thunderous glance, I lost my
Naive heart, in your delicate palms
However, the rain lashed the city
Entire night, I wrote you the first love -
Letter after tearing several papers,
I do not know, where did poetry
Influenced the writing with lot of
Spelling mistake, first time I felt that
Words have fragrance too, this
Juvenile emotion erased for some
Moment the Pythagoras, Einstein
On that agitated, violent condition
Keats, Shakespeare, conquered mind
Later with meeting you again and
Again, heart became the medieval
Renaissance, moved freely on the
Art galleries, searched meaning of
Love on the beautiful fresco, the life
Domesticated, influenced entirely
Now I love you more than life.



Above the swing-bridge moon risen
The wild stream covers up
Our dual shadow, beneath the waves
Nocturnal, aquatic creatures
Inhaling the milky ray, or grasping
The dreams, nobody knows
Walking on the unfamiliar way, in
Velvety darkness, suddenly
Nameless wild aroma makes mind
Bemused, in zero space, choice
Remains counting in fingers,
Do you remember, the first intimacy
The trembling touch, the inclined
Eyelashes, ashamed desire
Without sensation of lips, all the saga
Unfolded the eye contact,
Would you like to recall the earliest
That night when I proposed you
The tender closed vortex of emotion
The reason of restiveness, looking
The mirror several times, loneliness
Despite the fact that you were
Among the crowd of familiar faces
An endless silent search for me
While my heart was close to you, those
Beautiful feelings still addict you
Hence, you do not want to lose realm
Of romantics’ appeal, the glamour of
My persona, the severe obsession
The masculinity vigor, lunatic possession
I don’t know the core of that passion
That pulls you toward me repeatedly.