Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Vertical crossed lines of
Forehead, the net of palm,
Pseudo character to allure the
Mass, sitting on the prayer,
Divine conversation, couldn’t
Help at last, the darkness has
Recorded all the nudity of life,
Appraisal of secreted deeds,
The suppressed flames of past,
Emerged in a volatile form,
The mirror stated the penalty,
Final calculation of life was very
Rough, the sanctified water
Declined to touch golden body,
Somebody gazed the sky with
Cipher eyes, the thunderous
Laughter rolled in all direction,
The whip of time lashed the
Bare chest, all familiar, strange
Faces stood surrounding to him,
They looked him vulnerable,
The revenge of time is cruel, no
Differentiates between the king
And beggar, the breathing
Suffocated, he shouted for mercy
Killing but sky denied, the
Destiny’s magic is unexplained,
The water was nearer to some
Steps, the thirst was miles long,
He tried to touch the source of flow,
Before reaching to waves life had
Left the accompany, stay behind
smoke and dust till the twilight,

'Kaleidoscopic Dream

The innocent heart, gentle psyche,
Budding emotion, dreams
Were moved on the potter’s wheel,
The wet feelings shaped slowly
By someone’s delicate fingers, on
The veranda among the tiny
Beautiful bloom, seasons have
Converted me on ceramic vessel, the
Cleric touched my surface, marked
The hymn, classified the persona,
Filled the bigotry water, kept
On the worship place, trapped my
Life under the doctrine, I cried
That night, he had shown me paradise
Through the kaleidoscope, gradually
The venom of prejudice reacted,
Hatred towards the art, beauty, love,
Music, bloom, sculptors multiplied,
I couldn’t sleep on that night,
Perception revolted against the
Priest, I had rejected his principles,
How can I betray the potter?
He fills the love in my body pores,
Everywhere, he created my life
For love not for abhorrence,
Since that night, I’m facing charges
Of blasphemy, I’m scattering in
The pieces beneath the cherry tree,
Falling blooms are sheltering me,
Consistently, my soul is moving
Generously in the land of artist,