Wednesday, 11 May 2011

FORGET NOT ME--- shantanu sanyal

NATURAL FUSION : shantanu sanyal


On the parapet of seditious cave
Some obscure lines crossing to
Each other, in the darkness
Dripping water droplets looks as
Visual of musical sound, the
Life and cryptic script confronts,
The hanging calcites formation
Carries the beautiful glow,
Heart desires to touch the dream,
In the knee deep flow, the
Soft ray of moonlight falls from
The roof cracks, creates a web
Of sparkling tiny stars, for few
Moments it shows the vivid colors
Of rainbow, reflects the mind,
The adventure reaches to
Climax point, astonishing charisma
Forces to go through the gloom,
Unknown end, curious passion,
Emotional caravan doesn’t wait for
Effect, sinking and floating on
Waves life keeps the prolong
Mission to explore the destiny’s
Arc, in the way meets the copious
Tributaries, they moist the
Entire corporeal planet, water level
Touches to chest, gradually it
Swells up, suffocates the persona,
Perception tries to swim, to get
The last boat, waiting on other end,
Meanwhile the ocean goes far away,