Saturday, 18 June 2011

Transoceanic was starry night, just
A blessing of angelic love, you put
The face on the collarbone, poems
Were born with aesthetic beauty,
The warmth of breath created the
Fervor from the roll neck it swirled
Through nerves, sky adored our
Seclusion, we ignored the rest of
Planet, lost the life in each others
Arms, moonlit waves washed away
Anchors of ethics, those precious
Moment witnessed magic of love,
Shoreline was left far away, on the
Arousing ferry, reached to weird
Land of fireflies, chirping sound of
Crickets, ardent rain of midnight,
The verdant island taught the way
Of survival, dripping water drops
From conical leaves, beacon of love
Flared entire night, we had seen in
Distance sinking of resentful world,
Acrimonies of civilization looked
As the switching off earthen lamps,
One by one in a sequence, all the
Bigotries had died, our planet was
More beautiful, we had no desire
For paradise, in this submission point
All the greed, extra needs became
A matter of worthless dream, we
Learnt the real survival, touched to
Infinity, achieved the reality of life.