Thursday, 22 September 2011


Ubiquitous oleander beauty, azure
Twilight, dreams were emerged from
The hanging lakes of plateaus, stable
Moments desire to touch your heart,
Tranquility sometimes says tales of
Intense emotion, from the apparent
Windowpanes, astral glow creates the
Spontaneous feeling I looked you are
Staring walls while moonlight had
Been knocked the door fervently -
Several times, let abscond from the
Cocoon of melancholic condition, life
Needs more than silky perception,
Luminous riverbed calls persistently
Lunar reflection writes the poetry on
The graphs of waves, wild blossoms
Beautified the valley, falling on the
Surface, just step out from the four
Walled planet, life waits for you dear,
The inclined trails goes through the
Incredible world of obsession, meaning
Of survival with enthusiasm and zeal,