Sunday, 2 October 2011


the elusive twilight, all around the hangover 
of tuberose, vis -a - vis a fascination of life,
quavering lips, touching the flying essences 
of dense amorousness, do not say good 
bye, its so earlier my friend, let to know little 
bit the depth of affection, the olive green 
bottom is faraway, dispersal of feelings need
some more space, right now the glamour
of milky way suffused the unclouded sky, let
more stars to be emerge from the gloom 
of genesis, just now my heart proceeding to
touch your hibernated emotion, wait for few 
moment, life right now left the walking by 
knees, pollen of wild bloom doesn't erupt yet,
here somewhere, spring is wandering to 
decorate the aridity of life, subterranean flow
searching the way, let night to be more 
plumbaginous, until then reside in proximity,
let me to collect all fragmented dreams,


Would you think it’s the transmigrated
Feelings or else, that drags me, to echelon
Of mystic adoration, leaning towards the
Sufism of breath, pulsation, an emotional
Rhythm of life, a combined corporal bond,

Creates overall soul within the soul, night
Shrouds the darkness however the trail of
Prismatic beauty comes out from the eyes,
On the edge of lips’ tremor, life plays the
Game of moonlit river, dew soaked bloom

Falls on the naked diagram of twinkling -
Waves, the imminence moments of love
Fills the nectar into the hidden whorl of
Passion, completely the night drenches
Unusual fragrance of nameless world, the

Life portrays the spellbound relationship,
Above the organic facts, a bliss of beyond
The decode, unexplored sensitivity of mind,

Amazing experience of summit of spirits
Night breaks its silence with roaring sound of
Dense clouds, gradually rain lashes the valley,