Wednesday, 5 October 2011


the precious mirror if shatters, it doesn't

hurt, everything is  accessible in the 

forum of physical universe, the drops of

eyelids have lifetime impact, the 

soundless crumple influences innermost

deepness, unforeseen shadow chases

day and night, conscience doesn't

sleep whereas dreamy, beautiful body 

embraced the persona with full density !

unsung eyes stares, tries to cross the 

soul, willingly or unwillingly it's not easy 

to get rid of memories, albeit heart 

follows self seduction again and again,

but salvation becomes the extinct

nebulae, that fragmented tear drops of 

familiar or alien faces, asks the bunch 

of questions, reasons of be sidelined,

stranger's play, beautiful flinch, the

art of rob after intimacy, infidelity, many

more, magic of relationship, end of 

shadow, the negative photos says the 

reality of colors, image of life desires 

the opaque windowpanes, but frigid

emotion melts, transparency exposed!

Mirror Lake by Franklin Carmichael