Thursday, 13 October 2011


Darkness grabs all outer nobility, the

Veil moves gradually from the face,

In the open bluish space, moon plays

Game of hide and seek, in the chest

Of night, compacted desires open the

Cells of nectar, such moments have

Its own beauty, in the hexagon hollow

Of love, your reflection appears with

Multi dimension, heart imitates the way

Of swirling bees, the wax of hesitation,

Uncertainty, becomes the melting fluid,

On that secret zenith point, the life wants

Your dominion on the corporeal planet,

After the possession of body and soul,

Revolutionary creation takes place, amid

The two rivers the left over space grows,

The wild grassy bloom, in moonlight, they

Illuminate in amethyst color, life becomes

The precious, rare crystal, emotion gets

The cool perception as a sudden rain in

The arid land, acacia thorns collect the

Water for survival, sun wakes up as weaver

Birds make the noise, first ray of dawn

Touches the exposed realism of life, we

Pulls the drape to avoid the mystery of

Night, shining drops existed in eye rims,

painting - Leahpeah : Night Tree