Saturday, 15 October 2011


That alluring gaze, towards me often
Created some atypical chaos, I tried,
To read the seductive expression, in
Those periods of mute signal, psyche
Has had no influence on heart, plays
With flamboyant colors, day a night, a
Drowsiness, intractable her behavior
Intoxicated the persona, this ardent
Sting plugs the wounds of life, muscles
Becomes immune waits for additional
Healing, excessive closeness, getting
To each other beyond the imagination,
In the vicinity an intense fragrance of
Thyme or nameless herb, dissolves the
Thrilling attachment, night gradually –
Reaches to mellowness, moonlit valley
Of saffron, and in the shadow of pines,
Life embraces you in inclusive way, as
A beautiful thirst of the centuries’ old,
The meeting of meteor and earth in
Incandescent ambiance of mystic night,