Thursday, 3 November 2011


On that particular day after the
oath ceremony to live and
die for each other, facing
to sacred fire, I had
been accepted
you as a the
part of
might be that’s past, an emotional
touch remained on the heart,
as a pleasant aroma floats
on the moonlit zephyr,
the colors of season
changed its phase,
several times,
until now
needs you, while the branch, sub branch
of flamboyant blooming tree has
extended its domination, but
my destination was in the
depth your heart, in
some extend
maybe I
touched your soul, I loved you more
than life, this acquisition has its
own fascination, in the day
break , the long shared
travelling night
said, until
now the everlasting fragrance is
sustained in the corner of
your sleepy eyes, life
waits to draw the
realism of
one day I’m sure, it would be possible,