Monday, 7 November 2011


on that destination, it’s heard that
decades long thirst gets slow down,
in that slake of essence, life attains
the ripeness, the seed bears vitality,
a buried passion begins to grow the
sprout, dream smiles on the tender
leaf, apparent emotion exchanges
persona with the crystal clear drops
of dew, life becomes immune from
the pain, grief, bliss, or enthusiasm,
on that neutral point envy, hunger,
antagonism haven’t any place, entire
life reflects with internal beauty of
heart, all creatures follow the unique
equality, itself tear comes into the
eyes after looking to other’s wet
eyes, the reciprocal emotion hugs the
known or aliens, this perception is
nothing than universal love, beyond
the gender, ethnic, linguistics, color
or creed, self determination needs
no religious philosophy, only the true
fine-tuning of heart is the logic,
what’s inside and what’s external,
the analysis of equilibrium, apart the
corporal pleasure, whenever beauty
of soul glamorizes the life, it’s called
the sanctity submerging the mind-set,
the valid evolution doesn’t relate to
bone, muscles, blood, hidden limbs,
success to femininity or maleness
in genuine way depends on the insight,
it decides, how much we are human.


amendment is the key of evolution,
you believe or not, adaptation goes
in natural way, shifting of river to –
relationship, the landscape, cerebral
condition all depends on the season,
nothing is stable, if somebody wants
to dominate the body, bones, blood
to some extend it’s possible, but mind
revolts, hence ruling on heart isn’t so
easy, alike the planet’s rotation life
revolves on precedence way, desires
don’t care debatesit’s naked truth,
natural, aberrant, sin, virtue, bad or
good, the philosophical definitions
have certain limit, you couldn’t peep
into the eternal depth of my persona,
might be you’re laying nearest to my
chest, the psyche doesn’t follow the
hypothesis of book, it creates own
parameters, factors, flows liberally,
makes different edges, breaks soft –
barriers, sometimes very composed,
sometimes fanatic, wild form of river,
concealed part of life says, the soul
couldn’t be mortgaged, it has the
wings of conscious, nobody
empowered to cage it,
it’s born free, beyond
the embryonic
condition, absolute nude exquisiteness !