Sunday, 27 November 2011


yes, I know, your desire's limitation, the
physical realm, but often truth throws
me in amazement, in the solitude
moment, I look the mirror,
want to give beautiful
deception to my
emerging wrinkles, laxity of muscles, here
you believe or not, I feel fresh, and
this recency brings me near to
your fire annulus, lost vigor
revives itself life wants
more moments to
explore you,
in afresh
moral immoral, nice or worse, scent stench,
let it hide in the pages of mysterious
epics, right now we are alive, why
should waste the time to think
for usual or unusual, when
death is confirmed on
certain day, why too
much discomfort,
let it come in
its way,
tomorrow who knows, your face is on my
chest, life is moving from your breath
to me, apart that the planet is
gloom, a massive cipher,
just feel the love on
that way,
illuminate the heart with inner feelings - -