Friday, 17 December 2010


A hushed trail in th freezing night
sings the last, some love songs, do
you know the notation of breathings,
paralyzed rhythm want new lives,

emotions relaxed on the chair of the
garden, alone looks the falling snow,
spectacles of affection, multi cracked
dreams hide in the cozy warm corners,

as a kitten, memories try to enter, by
the half unfolded mosaic glass doors
you looked moments eagerly, few
drop of tear might be appeared but
hand shivered, you didn t lifted them,

the old fragrance of beautiful flowers
freeze on the branches, twigs, willingly
or not, you could n t remove ice layers,

in the morning stripped tree had no any
word to complain the tale of last night
as ring is left over on the velvet clothes
gem is lost, its  now hollow black spot,
fingers have rejected decade ago to it.

picture - painted by JONE BINZONELLI