Monday, 17 January 2011


from far away the mountains look
beautiful just like the dream on the
blue canvas, it s needed in the life too,
the flow of crowds becomes the river
whenever you sat near me, i found
the shadow blooming tress into
the profound of your big dove eyes,

life emerged from sweet voice, whenever
you whispered the song of Tagore, the
coastline forgets the pain of erosions,
the big rocks of island in these moments
desires to immerse himself into the depth,

the smoky sky suddenly looks more
gorgeous, decorated with love crystals,
in the corner of economical restaurant,
i prefer to abolish whole the depression,

perhaps, here we travel in the land of
dream without walking on the surface,
in the sound pollution we never faced
the problem to hear the heart beatings,

no candles, no flower vase, no greetings
we celebrated the occasion of beautiful
twilight, though the sun have set or moon
rise, who cares, we traveled silently miles
 holding the hands, we disappeared
in the crowd of metro, destination unknown!