Tuesday, 30 November 2010

natural phenomenon

repulsive is my look the mirror said
external version is not the final truth
among the flesh, bones, blood, saliva
the beautiful planet inhales the life
emotions have no discriminations
mirror ignored the internal flow, its
not my mistake that you pushed me in
the corner of ruined, rejected planet
heart produced the rare blossom
its the world of beautiful lotus, lilies
for a while let me love to my friend
dreams are not created for only you
its natural phenomenon let it liberate
--- shantanu sanyal

the sky looks smaller

injured feelings sometimes shows
the way to love everybody, its a self
assessment that others have pain too
the sky is dark today let the clouds
melt down my chest is unfolded in
a way that i could be absorbed all the
vaporized tear drops, depressions
moisturized roses opened the petals
somewhere my failures in life says
weak beam is sufficient to bloom the
neglected, deserted, wild blooms
its beautiful experience to feel your
presence, how much is cherished
its not a matter about the intensity of
love, the passion to see the smiles
on the faces is my destination of life
here i feel the comprehensiveness
the sky looks smaller in those moments.
--- shantanu sanyal

vulnerable emotion

i relinquished the possession
do you able to release all the
speechless sharing  moments
perhaps no,something is still
hidden in your heart to accept
the reality, that in the rains we
bathed together in the blazing
flow,wishing to forget is very
easy, how to eras the perfume
of love, prepared the eyes since
ancient times,everlasting desires
goes through the heart to soul
extraction of fragrance is tough
flowers have to die in the mass
my breathing is diluted by your
purity,how to leave, inhaling the
life,here my vulnerable emotion
has premature death, there you
have to decide for new dreams
somewhere fingers would be hurt
the roses are beautiful but thorns?
---- shantanu sanyal