Friday, 19 November 2010

we knitted the dreams of love



we knitted the dreams of love
the oceanic high waves break egos-
arrogance disperses on the shoreline,
the prehistoric rocks smile all the time,
physical erosion is the part of life, just
the wild stream flows
since decades -
on the surface of granite, creates canals
falling from the
peak, seven colors make
the pleasant moments on the hearts-
here once we
knitted the dreams of love,
web of desires might be broken, but
delicate threads of relations is still
breathing, true adoration never
echoes of all the sweet moments of life
reminds me, you are in my
heart, planet
is bloomed whenever you smiled near
or far away a rhythm
traveled between
us, somewhere you are waiting for me,
i can feel your
presence everywhere,
inclined clouds, mystic dense forest
climbers embracing the trees
the unfolding tender leaves, flowers
like your graceful face reflects, the
first new born ray is touching
sleeping moisturized the grassland,
the seeds of dreams hidden, under
residues of wounded emotions,perhaps
one day the oceanic waves would
be calm.
- shantanu sanyal

hidden cascade

glacial condition, challenged the
life, uncared emotion has melted
the ice, strange mushroom were
grown to protest the nature,
i didnt loose the hope to firm
my presence in the planet of mist,
everybody worship the beauty
i searched the ecstasy in vestige
perhaps you know,some feral blooms
are more gorgeous than the roses
the depth of heart is unsolved
mystery, entrance is open but
exits are multicoated canvas, i
confronted the myth, the core
of love was influenced by divinity
superficial portion delayed me
to grow the undying faith for you,
for looking the hidden cascade
required to go down the deep valley
sound was not the mirror, echoes
passed through the waves of wind
silent nature didnt open the lips,
imiginations died after mating
the harsh realities, black widow again
waited for new journey to gorge.
--- shantanu sanyal


exploration made me outrageous
bare body crossed the spiky caves
the droplets stunned I felt crystals
underground water created the arts
luminosity of love shown the paths
Ididnt care the intensity of wounds
bleeding of limbs were fleeting feel
addiction of adventure appealed me
sloppy sentiments forced to touch
hanging venomous dreams roof down
in your love I had overlooked all
the obstacles crossed hidden warren
as you promised to wait on the boat
I searched everywhere till last breath
nothing was there except the moon
lights playing with waves beautifully
I lost the path of life since that night
-- shantanu sanyal