Sunday, 8 August 2010

transformed fresco

transformed fresco
multi layered adortion
glorified my fragmented life
thanks you, aknowledged me
and shared the broken sides
frescos were awaited since a long times
to refill the live colours- a meaning
you included me in your life
a sinking boat touched the edge
a dried tree transformed with tender leaves
never thought way of life would be so
beautiful,a healing touch change me
thousands desires are born
with several hopes and dreams
wordless moments strat speech
whenever you hold the hands softly
and said-
life is so beautiful --- just look into
the my eyes, consistently i am forgetting--
that i am on the earth or
walking on the delicate moon rays ---
-- shantanu sanyal


do not ask my identity
a large canvas greater than the sky
from vedas to vivekanand
roots are firmely existed
from the mohenjodaro to kaashi
and branches extended
to all the universe
the ocean deep culture
surviving since creation of cosmos
its easier to demolish the temple
a faith is more powerful
no one can eras from the heart
a giant river is flowing since ancient era
many tributaries came
from different direction
and submerged in it
a unique colourful land
unknown origin and endless flow
evolution of my identification
is beyond the imagination
after the last judgement
or pralay my presence will be certain
no one could be denied it
i am the torch bearer of the next civilization
i am Indian --only Indian
-- shantanu sanyal

The last sink

The last sink

Hang about a moment

My eyes desire to feel you

Just like a passion flower

Gives eternal fragrance

Drop by drop to wind,

Remain touching the chest

Till moon drops into the

Waves of affection ------

Let darkness more cloudy

Lips desire to pick

One by one the hidden

Loves scattered on the

Body in particles of -

Numerous tiny lives,

Breath like a volcano

My persona wants to

Absorb the concealed

Melting beauty –

Loving you till the

The extinction of the earth

It s my last determination

Let the morning wait

Somewhere in the

Back door of horizon,

I want to enter tonight

In the depth of unknown

The unknown ocean ---

--- shantanu sanyal