Thursday, 30 June 2011

Engoenous darkness creates the sans - gene
 heart searches the spurious path with 
impassiveness, though before the eye 
a resplendent planet shows the eternal beauty 
desires of life doesn't follow the true path 
it divagates in the thick chimera, an
unseen vim pulls consistently towards the mirage
persona becomes senseless, syncopal 
this coercive condition brings the 
soul near to celestial mystery, heart wants liberty
the exceptional perception whenever feels
the meaning of existence, survival, the 
self enunciation, the dead soul gets revamping, 
the reflection of life emerges from the 
crystal clear aqua of all welness, egotism sinks 
itself, every particle of planet looks beautiful 
infinite illumination alters the life, mind  
and heart coordinates to each other, the 
poser of divinity slowly touches to spirit in a way 
that all negativity release the corporal world.