Monday, 4 October 2010

in search of peace

in search of peace, tranquality
searched the life eagerly all over,
my conscience looked your image
in side the heart with full swing
your angelic touch changed the life
and i began to analyze myself,
all the negative emotions were
altered, shaped to multi dimensional
bloom of unknown flower, tender, full
of fragrance, a deep feeling to love
the planet with new experiences,
violence changed in form of kid s
smile, desires surrender the lust,
i felt myself a person of new birth,
the flames of revolt slow down
bitterness diluted, harmonious
songs of adoration tuned itself,
unseen flow merged my egos -
i crossed the line of fear to accept
that your love made me human,
i do not know the classification
of love, i am far away from you
and unable to see your existence,
but i believe my soul is near to you.
-- shantanu sanyal