Friday, 23 September 2011


On the overleaf of life many scripts
Were unread, the smiles of face,
Condensed moist of cornea,
Unfolded the tale of survival, but
Caravan didn’t halt, sometimes
Dust and sand concealed the lane
Of Milky Way, the tiny nameless
Comet shown the direction of
Dawn, nobody waits for exhausted
Traveler, before the removing
The tent I reorganized the
Scattered emotion, inhaled your
Concern in my life as an unseen aim,
Followed the footprints of camel
Herd, in the search of oasis, a refuge
Of one night, I wandered to make
A space in your eyes, grown the
Seeds of dream, inspired from the
Arid bloom on the shadow of
Sand dunes, traversed the blurred
Path of life, to touch, to feel you
With inclusive intensity, to get your
Love in the persona with absolute
Absorption, I broken the myth
Of mirage, reached in your heart –