Sunday, 16 October 2011


Borderline couldn’t blocked, conscious
Of mine crossed, as winds in form of
invisible fragrance, desert
river, valley, canyon
sea, strange path
from thorny land to thriving mountain,
I hadn’t the permanent shelter,
sometimes stayed in the
heart of homeless
persona, verbal communiqué wasn’t –
the bay, I tried to learn the script
of emotion, touched the depth
affection, felt the meaning
of life, they laughed
I had shared
the smile,
the image of mine I found in their
eyes, same face of basilicas’
I looked sitting alone on
the stairs of temple,
I didn’t face any
my needs were limited up to heart,
expectations were smaller, just
availability of space inside
the heart , a feeling
to love without any definition, colors,
life searches consistently to
that messianic shadow
to involve every
towards the interminable true beauty,