Thursday, 9 September 2010


the fascinated relation, love
the moon and the tidal waves
involved the passion in between
the space of cipher, silent receipt
the mute dialect of souls, in the
milky ways, sprinkled little by little
in the form of fragrance, as spring
wants to break all the taboo, how
to deny, we didnt made for each other
the planet, the creation of life
unseen temptation dragged us to
admit the reality, thats we lost the
sense for few moments,clasped,
merged the personaa as rivers meet
to all together in the chest of the sea,
the shadows of the trees tried to cover
the blossoms for longer freshness,
the moon melted its all desires on
the surface of crazy clouds, away -
saffron dawn became the dazzling
flowering valley was moisturized -
with numerous tiny dew droplets,
the mystic smiles on our wet lips,
unfolded the secrets of night - - -
--- shantanu sanyal