Sunday, 30 January 2011


clown s soul adopted the life
no one has seen the wet eyes,
i waited for a glimpse of smile
in the torrential rainy nights,
performing the art of love to
every one, missed many times
to laugh for while, the magic of
claps pulled me frequently, i had
forgotten the value of persona,
in the path of wilderness i sung
the song to avoid the nightmare,
on the bridge of emotion, walked
alone many times, to touch the
evening blues, i dipped fingers
into the stable river flow, dreams
emerge with novel way, removed
the residue continually to see the
real reflection of life, i found the
self hollowness has the least pain,
the bubbles of happiness is so brief
it dissolves very fast, but during the
survival, distributes lot of rainbows,
breathings want to become, in these
moments, the unseen river valleys,
let sail on the waves of sentiments,
life wants to stay in the ring of show
dreams swing from one end to other!

Thursday, 27 January 2011


beneath the mammoth banyan tree, the
darkness of evening and the terracotta
lamp, shares some hidden truth of life,
the land of canopy meanwhile, busy in
loud conversation,about sharing the bed,

in  nearby hamlet the breath of relation,
searches horizons to create the dreams,
in this rare moments we are sitting near
the river bank, the evening sky had left
some glittery color shades of butterflies,
in your gorgeous face, as the full moon
rises amongst the dark clouds, the life
sparkles in your eyeballs, for sometimes,

the silent between us tells love stories, we
walk on the silvery wet sand or on the
stars ! the wind of autumn fills the space
unknown delicate scent of the heart
creates the romantic mist in the wilderness,

the trails of passion go through lips to
soul, in these periods we miss the planet,
in the distance the birds are now silent,
the smokes of roofs have been condensed,
the moon has contributes superfluous glow
we have been lost each other s arms on the
rocks, do not call us from the far away dawn!
let us sleep for decades under the sky for
infinite, as we do not want to go back more!


Wednesday, 26 January 2011


unanswered enigma, image floats on
the wall of life, i searched the existence
of true love in the algae of seepage,you
created the abstract structure on canvas
and said, here is hallucination or mirage,

 get the missing link of  love everlasting,
i could not believe the veracity that after
sharing the one roof whole the life, why
heart is remained thirsty, actually the
hidden roots of desires travel subversive,
makes the burrows through the mind,

persona does not accept the realism of
corporal dismissal for winning the world,
here the wrangle of thought are born,
the human psychology is complicated, we
want to stay whole the life as a headline,
for magnetism, emotions turns into text-
surfer of vivid colors, to revealing the value
sometimes we cross the limit of passion,

its not so easy my friend to follow the path
of internal winning, the rare phenomenon
is myth or another way of becoming Alexander?
but realism says if you feel the love in
the heart, it meant dreams might be fulfilled,
one day, self searching is the only way
to reach the truth of divine adoration, here
art of acting should be die, for new birth of life.


painting by - Budhaditya Banerjee

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


amid us there was some compliant
the allegiance to love each other, but
beaker has to break one day, writing
fragile! handle carefully, was annulled,

exquisite sundown does not think all
about the crack or rift of the earth, it
has to spread out the beautiful colors,
in this juncture of send off the relation
i could see some infant dreams into your
pretty big eyes, nothing is immoral if
heart does not desire to love me more,

glimmer of future appears in your smile
gloominess is diluted, the pale body odor
substituted by the the third person, the print
of kisses are now part of history, breathing
says, you released gladly, enhanced adieu
walking together for some distance was
not so bad, i feel out of suffocation too,

window panes became now crystal clear
the twisted emotions changed straight,
in this last meeting, i do not to hide
secret, after deserted by you, i am in love!
to someone, here exchanging is equal ,
i am sorry to say it but i have to survive
so good  bye my dear friend!twilight is
ended, night is calling us from separated
paths, dreams have no more monopoly -


Monday, 24 January 2011


tale of that stormy dark night, filled
the fascination in the life, astonishing
relation was developed in the darkness,
for those moments we had removed the
desolations of life, did you remember the
sound of thunder and lighting of thick-
clouds, shrinkage the space between us,

the thrilling experience brought on the
land of unexpected happiness, inclusive
moment of love, we revealed the body,
the untouched tip of passion pulled into
the bottom of tremendous internal beauty,

however whole the city was under the
breakdown of electricity, in the wet wind
we loved to each other, illuminated the
heart, traveled through the primordial trails,
we felt that millions corporal bulbs were
had been burst out with the various flow
and life was submerged into mass fragrance,

stimulating togetherness, intense desires,
have generated the immortal bonding of two
different persona, converted to unbreakable
element, that night questioned us how much
time do you required, after getting our answer,
night replied- for your love i am agree to
adopt everlasting, wish the wide compliances!

Sunday, 23 January 2011


the evaluation of life does not wait
for approval by the beloved ones, its
too late my friend to consider the
value of love, when the desire is dead
someone offered the nice cuisine!

numerous times it is happened, in the
beauty of spring ever one searched
the beautiful flowers, but no one cares
the dried pale leaves in the autumn,
the world moves around the rising sun
worshiper, evening stars have short life
their existence or extinct is extraneous,

the door was opened as usual since
a long time,glows had no time to visit,
indoor plants dried up though there was
no lack of tear drops, the old eyes waited
day and night to see a glance of bliss,
when someone appeared before the easy-
chair, eyes had no more the brightness,

no complain to nightfall further, it tried
all the best to fill the fragrance in the life,
the lines of palm betrayed me, isolation-
was only my dear in long gloominess,
the breathing feel still that in the sky, moon
is travelling alone with wide smile, the
night lilies are gazing to grasp the dreams,
i have very less to say in this end of night!


Saturday, 22 January 2011


why zilch remained in the space of the
life, i tried to fill all splendors in
your heart, borrowed the vivid colors
from the flowers, coral reefs, gems
my feelings were laid on the coast sand as
shells of oysters, after deletion the pearls,

like a cuckoo, you did not think once
dreams were left by you redundant,
on the nest of burning arid my chest,
is it painless, that emotion migrated? and
you did not desire to deem for a moment,

in the orb of affection the dream slept
when the dawn appeared it tried to fly but
your rebuff is turned the life, this crow
stance! made susceptible, wing fell down,

the love has asphyxiated, i do not know
how and when the gulf is urbanized, and
the boat of affiliation is sank near the edge,
the moonless night, i am standing alone
looking the gloomy sky, somewhere your
memoirs are breaking in the thunderous glow,

in the chilly wind, cyclone is now searching
the prey for its thirst of disaster, but far
away, the dark sky is touching to the waves
the reflection of love raising the hands to
get the ray, the feeble trust floating on the
aquatic surface, sun still hidden in the valley!


Tuesday, 18 January 2011


melancholy moments, raining sky
whole the night, missing you my
heart, moon is floating on the blues,
the game of sink and emerge, dream
passed dwindling on the edge of glass,

tuber roses had no curiosity to bloom
alone bird sung or cry all over night,
knocking the door in the vicinity, i felt
you were waiting on the stairs for me,

laying on the ground numerous flowers
the speedy wind shattered the emotion,
i came back from the portico, did not
get any clue, your fragrance replaced the
life by new feelings but glooming heart,

i gazed continuous the hazy sky, seen the
poetry was bleeding hysterically whole the
night, clouds might be melted consistently
the cosmos sank into the profound valley,
i wept silently, hiding face whole the night,


Monday, 17 January 2011


from far away the mountains look
beautiful just like the dream on the
blue canvas, it s needed in the life too,
the flow of crowds becomes the river
whenever you sat near me, i found
the shadow blooming tress into
the profound of your big dove eyes,

life emerged from sweet voice, whenever
you whispered the song of Tagore, the
coastline forgets the pain of erosions,
the big rocks of island in these moments
desires to immerse himself into the depth,

the smoky sky suddenly looks more
gorgeous, decorated with love crystals,
in the corner of economical restaurant,
i prefer to abolish whole the depression,

perhaps, here we travel in the land of
dream without walking on the surface,
in the sound pollution we never faced
the problem to hear the heart beatings,

no candles, no flower vase, no greetings
we celebrated the occasion of beautiful
twilight, though the sun have set or moon
rise, who cares, we traveled silently miles
 holding the hands, we disappeared
in the crowd of metro, destination unknown!

Sunday, 16 January 2011


flicker of affection was not so eternal
occasionally we surfed on the emotions,
the hollow pledge before the deities was
the part of endearing the heart, acting
and sacrificing were supplemented to each
other, revolutionary thoughts were empty,

i knew the face in the crowd, who declared
the crusader himself, in the darkness that
well known look deal the business of broker,
they sold every thing including the soul for
some money, i had no other way to accept
the defeat, the friend or foe, do not ask
the definition, i have also seen the world,

the hunger, insult, exploitation, malign ---
stamped on the body, do you want to see!
how did you reach in the first place ?
nothing is hidden as you were behind me,
eyes had witnessed you nakedness, it s hard
my friend to escape from reality s landscape,

your book of socialism, humanism, equalizer
of society, i read whole the life, that s reason
i am in the prison and news paper says -
you are busy to inaugurate your son s new
company, i have experience, my dear, in the
bad times the shadow leaves the body, you
are so called human being, if there would be
spare time, just meet me, i will show you,  cursed
bleeding heart, with lot of cancer, breathing yet!


Saturday, 15 January 2011


please do not make the complications
let my mind innocent as a fawn,
the philosophy of life should be
obvious, transparent, my delicate faith
denied the twisted web of prophecies,

you can not sculpt the statues by
avoiding the truth , the science of
survival is not the imaginary poetries,
the inner or outer hunger is born natural
doctrines of the sky could not changed,

death is not the ultimate destination
life itself has to travel across the realities,
some desires are born each and every
moment, some died before the adulthood,
the psychology of mind has no limit
you could not cage it in the law of logic,

for some extend books help us to
explore the planet, but solutions are
not the final, research of life is not so
easy, experience and dreams are the
parallel lines go together up to horizon,

what is going in the perception of mind?
answers are hidden in the heart, your
presumption might be completely wrong,
let the flower bloom itself, by force
opening the petals is dangerous, it would
be damage the internal, outer beauties,

Friday, 14 January 2011


the world of heart is undefined,
tried to love again and again, but
the craving to get whole the sea
thirst looks like the vast Sahara,

i meandered as the ashen billows
the flock of cranes talked with me,
the desert lilies, cactus bloomed on
the surface, tear drops not wasted, i
loved each and every face, dark, light
ugly, beautiful i did not make the lines,

my adoration has no sex prejudice, i
loved all the creations mammals, avian
flowers, thorns the endless names, the
physical contentment was not my only
destination, i searched bliss into stones,

fossilized natural arts appealed me for
exploration, i did not keep my emotions
in the fence, my love is stripped beauty,
no concealed, truth does not need layers,
the flower has to bloom, fragrance is
liberal, it has to scatter with the winds,

i searched endless love in the hearts
of living, non living creations, i felt
the life has very less leaflets to collect
the dew drops, in the short bravura night
desires have everlasting thirst unfulfilled,

Thursday, 13 January 2011



the arithmetic of life was complicated
numerous times calculation is failed,
i tried to keep the blooming valley in
the sphere of mind s eye, loop holes
of adoration let it run away in autumn,

the equation of heart did not become
reciprocal, emotions remained unsolved ,
before the dawn horizon changed colors
now it looks oily grey, spotted by reddish
spray, the missing blues raised questions,

mirror said mercury has limited periods,
the beautiful urn is poured out the liquid
laying on the table as discarded object,
few droplets of perfume on the way to
say curtailed history, on the arena i wept
vigorously alone, the blank corridor had
no more words to complete the saga of
life, resonance were weak died on the
path, in the necropolis, the tall tree again
thrived with graceful violet pink blossom,

though spring is far away, here i sat down
isolated on the broken bench, cathedral bell
still ringing somewhere in the lower valleys,
mysterious calls of adoration did not find
me, i waited for you whole the life in search of
a short sentence, that did you love me really!


the diary of life has some wet pages
please go through little by little to heart,
just now i learn to smile , let some more
passion flowers to be bloomed, my
paralyzed feelings desire to walk as
you hugged with internal affections,

in this quixotic twilight i am prepared
to share whatever you want, heart
soul, corporal pleasure, i have been
nominated rest of life in your tenure,
from here we have to go the farthest
destination of love, a relationship of
immortality, the moment is delighted,

the millions red roses are scattered on
the surface of submission everlasting,
look the western sky, love is splashed
colored the blue canvas, tonight is pro-
vided the dreamy bed for us, we have
to create the beautiful planet in our
body and soul, wind of Eden is scented
our body, spirit, touch me in a way
that my persona to be altered like a
condensed clouds of the century old,

keep a consistently flame burning in your
body, heart, soul, in this rare precious
moment, the love desires to break the limits
embrace me with thunderous way
i want to melt down whole the masculinity.

Monday, 10 January 2011


in the dazzling miasma of winter end
far away in the rain forest our love is
grown as bluish-purple wild flower,
near the gigantic flow of the Amazon,
we have written the love script on the
flow, twilights filled the passion mean-
while, macaw feathers had covered
our kisses, hanging creepers bearing
tiny bloom, hidden our body and soul,
we lost our path in the dense forest
the boat is washed away by the tidal
waves, the blue moon is emerged in
above the delta end of Atlantic Ocean,
the divine rays lifted us, we flown
through the clouds of magical planet
embracing to each other in way
we have been reached to seventh sky,
from here we could see the earth
just like a giant colorful bubble, the
river looks like a thin line of origin,
in a mystical night we crossed over the
decade long beautiful life, in these
moments we forgot all the miseries, we
have been created the rarest painting.
--Painting by -JONE BINZONELLI

Sunday, 9 January 2011


in the marigold genesis of sky
the sun is squirmy to rise, flora
and fauna have curiosity to alter
their drowsiness, i am waiting
for you,near the mist inhaling
lagoon, in the edge, abandoned
broken wooden boat,half sank
looking just like my heart, laced
amid aquatic pink, white lilies,
weeds, shadow of shrubberies,
flourishing into the olive green
stable flow, poetries are emerged
after listening your footsteps,
silently your fingers touched the
back, the pleasures of heart skids
beautifully in to the water and
dreams began floating on surface,
fragrance moments reminded
the flowers were eager to bloom
since long time,as they waited for us,
after meeting with you i gone astray,
its evening or dawn, i do not know!

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Let search some novelty in the life
abundance terrains are untouched,
grow some emotion to discover the
beauty of nature, the esplanade of
life is incomplete, we did not yet -
reached to final stroke to make
the dream live, every moment has
its own story, how to convert them
into the realism, the strange colors
of twilight says me, life is beautiful
embrace the night just in your arms,
dip the brush into the moonlight
to make the shades, dilute agonies,
tuber roses had provided the aroma
just fill the unfinished sketches inner
the heart, let give some space in the
life for some one, who loves you -
so much --------


just above the meeting point of
two oceans, towering tidal waves
falling down on each other s
persona, starling imagination here
said, let the poetries of colors
to be emerged from this friction,
our affection is born somewhere
among the thunderous clouds
in the torrential rain of monsoon,
the coast fizzed with numerous
dreams as we walked bare feet
on the sand left the sweet memories,
tidal waves touched our body, soul
foot prints fossilized on the edge
as an immortal cenotaph eternal,
embracing your delicate neckline
i felt the pleasure of paradise, in
that rare moment we had been
traveled on the infinite journey,
they pursued various destinations
to get peace, adoration, bliss
name, fame and divinity, i do
know, the desire unlimited,
our planet was originated in
in each other s depth of eyes,

Monday, 3 January 2011


i concealed the compulsion of life
in such way that they think i have
been crossed the sensation of pain,
 indeed, i made the emotion after
loving you just like primal rock of
stiff mountains, the staunch winds
numerous times changed the blow,
belligerent cyclones do not know the
compromise but sometimes it has to
accept the beautiful defeat in the
love, in the depth of stony cracks
i deposited the tear droplets of night
the multi hued cactus bloomed on the
arid chest, you have no way to escape
my friend, i loved you each and every
moment, eroded myself in the rains
broken in granules by extreme heat,
the process to collect the bliss of your
eyes, i did not sleep whole the life,
my persona given space to bloom,
the desires has been matured and
stretched the branches with millions
fire flowers -----

Sunday, 2 January 2011


deep night is passed through
the miles longer loneliness,
i know, and my ruined emotions,
millions stars sank in the valley
of silence,the unfolded eyes
gazed out burst of galaxies,
your face transpired before
the life when i breathed the
last, though i raised the hands
to touch your fingers, but did
not reach out, the dreams were
awfully light flown away by the
soft wind of horizon, my voice
wounded back as the pigeon
hurt by hawk in the blues,

my heart waves gone up to the
heights to embrace your feelings
they fell down in the way
the kites tremble down the earth
after cutting the threads, my love
pursued consistently among the
monsoon rains, valleys of fire
never allowed you to down pour,

the unsatisfied soul moves over
the blossom of paradise, i could
not see your presence in the spring,
while invisible touch was every
where but you hidden the identity,
my love does not accept the defeat
i would get you indeed one day -
may be near  the lips or the chest,