Monday, 3 January 2011


i concealed the compulsion of life
in such way that they think i have
been crossed the sensation of pain,
 indeed, i made the emotion after
loving you just like primal rock of
stiff mountains, the staunch winds
numerous times changed the blow,
belligerent cyclones do not know the
compromise but sometimes it has to
accept the beautiful defeat in the
love, in the depth of stony cracks
i deposited the tear droplets of night
the multi hued cactus bloomed on the
arid chest, you have no way to escape
my friend, i loved you each and every
moment, eroded myself in the rains
broken in granules by extreme heat,
the process to collect the bliss of your
eyes, i did not sleep whole the life,
my persona given space to bloom,
the desires has been matured and
stretched the branches with millions
fire flowers -----