Wednesday, 16 November 2011


that bizarre darkness of moonless,
drizzling night, influenced whole
the life, enticed eyes said,
whorl of intoxicated
desires towards
the burst,
the corolla of love wants to spill out”
while my nascent perception
had the inadequate horizon,
a terror to premature
summit, the
barrier of hesitation, didn’t allow to
touch the wine glass on that
moment, I had controlled
the swarming fervor,
while your remark,
ignited the cell
to muscles,
collected the nomadic fragrance, just
answered, “no it’s too early,
just wait till spring, my
love is raw pot, let
it dry in the sun
light, later
into the kiln, after in your obsession !
afterward, how would be the
decoration, depends on
your heart, let me
grow to that
definitely, one day I will saturate the
body and soul together
just wait for that
moonlit night,”


perhaps !
unattractive was the external wrapper 
colorless, scentless, hence you
didn't touch the envelop, the
inner blooming message,
remained discarded,
neglected, do you
know, those
in course of time became the fossil,
no complaint to the sequence 
of seasons, falling up the 
aquatic graph of wet 
eyes, and prolong
waiting for the 
emotions were vacant cocoons, 
drooped in the soft sun glow
of winter, dreams grown 
the poetic wings, later
extinct into the mist
of blue mountain,
the glue of 
diluted in the nightfall rain, the closed
letter open itself, the crystalline  
heart was throbbing for you,
did you see, movement,
sensation of that 
rare bleeding
perhaps, no, the butterflies have been 
changed the migratory route, it's
happened in life, several 
times, we have to go 
in certain point 
but destiny 
somewhere else, any way the meeting 
and leaving point had hidden
some unique redolence,
flavor remained in 
the conscience,
on the hands,
in the wind,
the heart, to be remember it or not - - - 

 painting by -  Willie Fulton