Saturday, 23 April 2011


Somehow lit the candles
Prolong darkness
May be shattered the
Beauty of life, in the graph
Bliss and grief goes
Parallel, keep some axis
A point to touch
My heart with a charming
Smile, I’m silent but
Emotions desire to erupt
In the edge of your
Eyes, dreams are sleeping
Don’t let them soggy

It’s not possible
That whole the sky would be
Under your feet, life
Has not always the straight
Path, up down, light and
Shadows are the part
Of survival, please
Try to feel my concern,
With intense trust, I called you
Just raise the hands
The blooming planet waiting
For you, the life’s puzzle
Has no exit, available
Moments are tiny bubbles
Who knows the mood
Of sky, now it’s blank
Adopt the cipher in search
Of completeness, love me
Now, forget the tomorrow.


On that line of vision
Deep rain clouds are emotive
To lash the green terrain
Heart desires to love
You, as a dried
Earth wants to fill the
Millions cavities, I would be
There to absorb all
The thunderous wet emotion
At least you try to
Outburst as a monsoon rain
I’m leafless tree only
Look toward the
Brownish sky, to get a breath
You please attempt to be
A cool wind, let my
Dream to be alive, my life
Wants to include you
As hidden flow, beneath the
Hills go through
On the tempting vast chest
Your signature s space
Is blank since origin
Of planet, you write poetry
With flaming lips, I’m
Waiting for striking autograph
On the heart, soul
Your eyes have several oases
I’m exhausted traveler
Let me relax for a moment
In shadow of your eyelashes
Give me a place in your heart