Thursday, 14 April 2011


Where did you get such artistic loom?
Vocabulary of emotion doesn’t find the clue
In the oasis of life you bloom near the heart
Your adoration shades the arid plateau –
In the sand storms caravan gets the track,
The trekker thoughts relax on the sand dunes
Life follows your numinous glow, in the moon
Less night, passion sleeps on your breasts,
Dewdrops perhaps originated from your
Shivering delicate lips, my chest desires to
Sleep beneath your inclined beautiful face, the
Day and night meets somewhere in the
Point of your smile, signal of eye blink says
To cosmos for spreading the illumination –
The indigo mountains chase you consistently
As you glamorized the nature, rivers follow
Your way of walking to seduce the oceanic vigor
The morning waits for you to paint the
Eastern sky, the canvas of life is incomplete
Without you, just black and white, from your
Love the planet has potency, your affection
Always force me to write the poetry, your
Absorption produces the sprouts, new life
The earth and you both makes the world
Attractive, major, hence I love you too much


I have seen anguished evening, extending
Hands to cuddle the night, alone star in the
Western sky, your concern, attention, says
After sometimes, the blues would be fill by
Dreamy crystals of stars, moon, nebula, my
Distress face looks into your cornea, as the
Echoes of life coming from your sweet smile
You touched my hand, kept the head slowly
On my shoulder, I embraced, kissed softly –
The lips, the long breathing carried eternally
A new definition, some meaning for survival
On every occasion, this leaning gesture stirs
In the depth of heart, I want to love you more
Than life, periodic serenity, peace of mind
Gives me an influence to compete the planet
Often I wish to say so many things to you
Always becomes wordless before you, I don’t
Identify the reason, why it’s happening, why
You gaze me in way that nothing remains
In the memory, this awesome stance makes
Me more and more passionate, as nervous
Stag forgets to run after facing to predator!
Masculine force goes downward tenderly –
However, in this sweet submission I found a
Hidden aggression desires to love you
Vigorously, the unburned scarlet fire is
Existed forever to search a blow of wind, in
Your closeness the paradise sleeps, exposed
Completely on the floral bed, sometimes this
Provokes my desires, to touch you, to go
Through your dark cavities, to fill the honey in
Your physical cells, pores, emotions all over -


Let me to breathe for a bit, fervent
Love doesn’t allowed me to sleep last
Night, however I tried my best to call
The rosy dream, attempted to touch
The moonlight, made an endeavor to
Dissolve the fragrance of your body in
My persona, an unknown shadow was
Hiding all the time, a glimpse of your
Beautiful eyes chased me all the time,
In illusion of you love, I forgot to shut
The doors, perfume of tuber night lilies
Penetrated in the soul, as they perhaps
Oppressed my bare muscles, nerves -
Chest, lower abdominal arena, arms
Thighs, might be they seized my body
Moreover, they had fun with lunatic way,
When I felt wet sensation, woke up,
Closed the window, doors, sweet softness
Proximity Of your presence didn’t permit
Me to sleep again, I sat before the mirror
Moonlit flowers of terrace wanted to say
Silently, a little note for you, I wore
The loose robe, reached near them
Looked them, they had been altered
Stunningly in beauty of your persona, they
Again lit the cold flame of my moisturized
Body, I bathed alone in the flow of
Moonlight, the gown itself fell down on
The Floor, I didn’t know, experienced only
Your governance in my each limbs, in the
Soul, through the heartthrob, I couldn’t
Sleep intact night, just I thought for you,