Thursday, 14 April 2011


Confession before the world, why, it’s my
Life, I loved, lived with you shared the couch
Rainy night, spring noon, winter evening
Day and night, in the obscurity, before the
Light, you explored each part of body, I full
Filled your desires, sometimes entered to
Extreme wilderness, physical mirror had no
Hurdles, you have gone through as your
Passion forced to go, vulgarity, nudeness
Uncultured, so many metaphors, darkness
Doesn’t care refined language, personal –
Moments have its own description in love,
Several times, you have seduced me, various
Night I lured you, numerous instant season
Has provoked us to sleep together, what’s
Wrong, without removing the exterior layers
It’s not possible to know the inner beauty!
I don’t care the decomposed doctrine, ethics
Hippocratic mind-set, the natural need has
Planet of infinite truth, illusion, fantasy, dream
Couldn’t change the corporal psychology, the
Sleeping volcanoes, uncertain terror, I wouldn’t
Desire to live on the edge of valley, life
Deserves more than kisses, embraces, here I’m
Unfolded book, crystal clear water, I could
See my naked image, as an infant comes out
From the fetus, it’s beautiful creation, for love
For devotion, exchange of contentment,
You have shaped for my vigorous flow of desire
It’s my compulsion to quench your arid thirst
As torrential rain, I forever prepared to down -
Pour, repeatedly, whenever you stretched arms,