Thursday, 14 April 2011


Let me to breathe for a bit, fervent
Love doesn’t allowed me to sleep last
Night, however I tried my best to call
The rosy dream, attempted to touch
The moonlight, made an endeavor to
Dissolve the fragrance of your body in
My persona, an unknown shadow was
Hiding all the time, a glimpse of your
Beautiful eyes chased me all the time,
In illusion of you love, I forgot to shut
The doors, perfume of tuber night lilies
Penetrated in the soul, as they perhaps
Oppressed my bare muscles, nerves -
Chest, lower abdominal arena, arms
Thighs, might be they seized my body
Moreover, they had fun with lunatic way,
When I felt wet sensation, woke up,
Closed the window, doors, sweet softness
Proximity Of your presence didn’t permit
Me to sleep again, I sat before the mirror
Moonlit flowers of terrace wanted to say
Silently, a little note for you, I wore
The loose robe, reached near them
Looked them, they had been altered
Stunningly in beauty of your persona, they
Again lit the cold flame of my moisturized
Body, I bathed alone in the flow of
Moonlight, the gown itself fell down on
The Floor, I didn’t know, experienced only
Your governance in my each limbs, in the
Soul, through the heartthrob, I couldn’t
Sleep intact night, just I thought for you,