Tuesday, 23 August 2011


again you have adonize the broken vase,
on the old piano, scattered rhythmical script,
the last drop of exotic redolence, afresh -
undressed, you are standing in front of me, 
Like a mosaic glass, passions emerged
from ventilator's feeble rays, saffrony twilight 
throwing the trap to catch the enigmatic
night, life desires to share, internal moments 
with you, the bunch of tuber roses are 
 becoming alive, withdrawal of fragrance
 says, unseen your presence in persona has 
the meaning, this is the venue, this is the 
esoteric surrender land, ene we met, pledged
to live and die together, the thing that
you loved me beyond the imagination, but 
accepted too late by your heart, whatever 
reason was of severance, it's absolute truth that 
the nexus of body and mind  leaves scars
everlasting, wounded confession fills the cipher,
with moist eyes we embraced each other,
the corporeal planet rotates on cross equations,
whenever both sides touches to equal 
point, the life tries to know the existence of soul,