Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Derelict life, wild weeds, anonymous
Shrubs, nevertheless cactus does not
Forget to bloom, roofless, demolished
Walls, dream existed still in polygonal
Way, I have no regrets, no complains!
I have learned to survive without you –
However, it was nightmarish incident
Sleepless nights, dejected breath, I
Feel you in delusion, sometimes -
Chased on the memoirs narrow lanes,
Found you are not so far away from
My life, I tried and tried to overlook
Your domination in soul, heart, body but
Alas! Could not succeed to break out
Walking on the burning path of seared
Land, I would not ignored the grin of
Tender flowers, looking the surrounds
My life initiated a new expedition
Toward the life, my pain had the minor
Intensity than others, here I had to
Replaced all the warm kisses, hugs
Beautiful concealed bed-sharing nights
Liberated you from my persona, gradually
Wiped out the vapors of breathing
Condensed on the chest, lip marks on
Top of backbones, saliva of memories
Slowly disappeared down the ribs, your
Body odor at last left from the skins, hairs
Tonight I am going to put down all the
Weaknesses, I am sorry, wound has been
Filled by times, o moonlight do not peep in
Life, I am going to sleep with someone, tonight!

Please wait for little moment, let
Evening to share a few whispers
The sweet feeling has to ripe -
Unspoken delicacy of thought wants
Some more sap has to accumulate!
Do not leave me in a way that my
Heart has no choice, yet again
Moon is trying to stroll, slowly -
Just now jasmine have learned to smile
Dreams hiding somewhere in your
Vicinity, envious fragrance wandering
As nomad searching transitory
Shelter beneath the moonlit roof
Sky stretched serenity, oceanic corals
Reflected to blue, aquatic calm waves
Flowing under your eye edges
Let me breath for a second, life is
Engrossed under your thick eyelashes
Do not detach the finger web, shores
Moving away to dawn, I do not know
The naval way, might be go down
In shrinking pleasant moment just
Hang around; night has its own beauty
Do not remove the face, the sprouted
Emotion of chest may be dry, let the
Oasis of heart thrive for indefinite period
Flaming sand has to settle down
Internal thirst is naive, little persistent
Loneliness would be killed me, tonight!
Please do not leave me alone, I swear –
I would gaze you only, whole the
Starry night, I will love you with my eyes,
As a glassy object fragile !