Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Elusive Disorientation

between the fantasy and reality, there's 
a slight difference, your affection is
enthroned at that the same
invisible point, contains
the ultimate truth of
life in the tiny
of perception, five elemental body is  
locked in the cage of mind,  the 
key to salvation, remains in 
our hands, even 
knowing that
life is 
nothing, but a fire blazing night and day, 
with hundreds desires or flames, 
but we do not destroyed our 
ego, desire to posses a
lot and other side the 
losing numerous, 
dream of 
becoming paramount, creates all the
embarrassment, the life seeks 
pseudo - religions in such 
moment, the solution 
remains very 
near but
the  directionless astray carries far away 
toward the elusive path - - - 

climber rose

I'm standing in front of the mirror, seek my 
own image, in midnight completely
exposed, self blushing is 
nothing than
ridiculous matter, the self remorse or the 
acceptance of truth, uncertain 
moment, just before few
minutes either you've 
used me or I've
utilized you, darkness might give answer, 
isn't exactly the same body part, 
But you do not want to see
it in the light, in the 
tedium isn't 
view of the descending tide, transient 
excite, then the quietness,
between this obtain 
and losing, there
is beauty and 
in these waves of life, isn't special sense
of love and hate, an organic need 
adopts the condition gradually, 
character articulates in the
light later everything is
swallowed by the 
darkness, life
through these two sides, completes the 
journey desirably or 
ever reluctantly - - - 

Couple in the Forest - August Macke Paintings