Saturday, 19 March 2011


Aquatint your love reappeared around
the corona, full moon occupied, tonight
the breathing space looks as limited, thin
hard to avoid the amalgam of emotion!
fragile layers of magma has hidden the
wine red ignition, smoky atmosphere,
though moon light is playing hide -seek
among the vista, let me grow little bit
to touch your soul, do not turn down my
devotion to look you as a Venus fly- traps!
this veracious character magnetized my
life, you cross the viaduct of extreme love
let me disperse the affection as a moth of
one night, before covering the silvery circle
by the gypsy clouds, confine me in your
cornea, do not unfold the eyelashes tonight,
I afraid, the gentle wind would steal away the
the ceaseless fragrance of precious adoration,
anonymous flowers on the terrains of life
rarely blooms let me keep you vigilantly
in the vase of muscles, bones, blood, gasp!
organize yourself in a way to decorate my
life I do not want a single hair thin bruise in
your blooming persona, just enter through
the coronary artery, in absolute submission!


Not easy to hide the tidemark, you left-
over the marshland on the heart, abundantly
green blades fervor desires to touch
the underground emotions, how to pass
through the narrow channel, towering grass!
the boat of serenity could not moved, as
you have taken away the sailing oomph of
life, in the intense night, the moon s gentle
touch, failed to make magic on masculine
structure of flames, static body or yacht!
I tried to escape from this enigma of love
navigated through dream to land of sleep,
over and over I reached in the flow of your
dazzling eyes, I could not sleep a moment!
pyramidal thought looked you as Nile -
far away illuminating by reflection of stars,
feeling turned gondolas of Venetian canal!
moving from one end to other repeatedly,
I saw, on the medieval bridge, you in relaxing
mood, looking down the stable waves, with
curiosity, silently, as my bare body was floating
on the flames of passion, colors of poetries
tying to over come my agitation, the sweat
drops of your forehead dripping one by one
as ivy leaves giving the life by dew, to weeds
from tidal waves to mouth of Mediterranean
my love desired to submerge your persona!
---- shantanu sanyal