Wednesday, 11 August 2010

once we were together

tender leaves again appeared
on the necked tree tops
old ugly residues have been broken
germinated new plants are
peeping towards the sun
there once we were together
a rainy moisturized day
foggy, gloomy forest
among the strange wild bloom
walking encloser the lake
calm and waveless
lush blue depth of eyes
pink, white, red flowers
every thing is existed in its place
in authentic,abundent way
life is continued river
after a decade the barks of
tall trees might be changed
but the names are still
visible -- as we marked there.
--- shantanu sanyal

the clouds

blossoming dell,leaning the clouds
i feel your fragrance everywhere
the wild trails go through the
sparkling of your silent eyes
i want to forget the path, just
keep the refuge in your heart,
my love is obsessive to touch
the creased emotions,which are
sleeping on the edges of lips,
the violet dreams enfolded
with hundreds daffodils
let me defuse all the passions,
on the surface of breath
my love is primitive, stripped
just wrap it vigorously
in the circle of your consent
tame my flow of desire
on your smoldering valley
just hold me to quench
the infinite thirst of multi-births
tonight i decided to break
myself in various angles --
for you -- only you !
-- shantanu sanyal