Saturday, 27 August 2011


avidity to get my indulgence, you have
created vesture of flossy perception, though 
on that deadfall, life had the meaning of 
born a hundred times, holocaust of persona
was most common, passion rises from 
the ash, and I found himself involved into you, 
a union of spirits, there was no myth,
cavity of fire, flaming infinity, newly structured
the golden body, prepared to wreath 
on the feet of abstract worship of the peerless
 love, nevertheless this process wouldn't
succeed to recoil the sandal fragrance into the 
inner heart, my desire was largest of the 
circle, vast space, could be able to absorb the 
ocean, earth, sky, in that nucleus my life 
waited for you since creation of breath, feeling
you couldn't complete my masculinity, just 
you touched my emerging part of mortal body !