Saturday, 2 July 2011

In the three points of life the planet
Sustained, apart that the colossal
Emptiness travels all over the cosmos
You, love, and me makes the infinite
Triangle, that meeting point has
Dream, realism, fantasy, magic, zeal
Tear drops, blooming emotion,
Music, poetries, rhythm of heart, a
All-inclusive world of two souls, in that
Troika, sometimes green-eyed micro
Particle tried to break the bonding,
The emotional lines are attached in an
Unseen trust, often they gave up
Invading mission, however this link has
Natural beauty, a profound authentic
Appeal, which protect numerous
Times to break, calamities passed
Silently above the mountains, valleys
Looked the sky embracing you to heart,
This blending has a mosaic colors
Influences to environmental eyes,
A chain of triangles gradually going to
Attach to each other in multiple ways, it
Fills the emotion in the vacuums of
The planet, all kind heart are assembled,
The world looks more beautiful
Troika to millions soul an incessant flow
Binds the massive relation, for a
Safe and bright survival path of
Homo sapiens, the budding generation,