Friday, 17 September 2010

the broken pieces of statue

glinting particles of river edge
and the ferry, unidentified the
conversion between them goes
through the waves, entire night
moon burns alone on the blues,
expectations traveling from one
destination to other,in search of
the prudent place, to grow the
seeds of love, dreaming eyes -
denied to sleep, far away the
squalls are gathered to grip the
boat, deprived faces pray to god,
the broken pieces of statue
haunted the heart, creation is
strenuous process, satanic hands
feel easy to wreck the beauty,
the candle of life, do not want
to melt down, morning would be -
questioned against the marring,
--- shantanu sanyal

its only absolute truth ---

let all the logic of survival
to be synchronized in the
inner beauty of a giant lotus,
its not easy to change the
d.n.a., definition of human,
the science of sociology
devide the mankind in the
two main streams, pure
hearts to be dominated the
planet since the creation,
evil souls have to adopt the
path of majority, no option
is left over,the mahabharata
itself  re occured in the hearts
of mankind, whenever hatred
is crossed to extreme line,
may be atheist, or radicals
no one has the authority to
declare the supremacy to rule
the world in his doctrine,
to change the minds of mass
is required to love the human,
love is the basic mantra to
conquer the planet, the war is
provisional solution, not remedy,
let the lotus bloom with
millions petals on the lake of
humanity, love to each other
its only absolute truth ---
-- shantanu sanyal