Friday, 20 August 2010

the edge of the earth

 the edge of the earth

in which direction disappeared lunatic

group of people, who followed the

love path of jesus,

in the far away - - dense forest

...the lines of fire,

mahua flowers fell down before

the blossom,

once they said- humanity is the

religion,humanity is every thing

i dont know, who were they-

belong to strange planet,

bloomed the unknown dreams

magical stories,life as flowering path

condensed the sky with clouds of hope

today, after feeling this, i am happy for

some moments,

far away is the seasonal rain

deserts are burning on the chest

everlasting blaze is continued

hundreds fangs night, exchange

buying - selling, inner outer of heart

submerged in endless darkness

painful screams --

the last traveler of night

laughing in silent

many oysters, conchs, nude bodies

broken backbones ,masks - - - -

who care about these

ocean shrinks slowly -- goes away

known unknown faces

later lost in the pages of stories

in the discarded edge of planet -

-- shantanu sanyal

some broken lines

a few incomplete canvases
stiffed brushes, frizzed colours
its happened, sometimes shadows
refuse to accept the presence,
the rain drops couldnt fill the
the margin of heart, dried since
a long time, as you forget to pass
through the rain shadow valleys,
the partial landscape of life
hang about, for your silence to
accept the authenticity of love,
though the clouds were promised
to break their egoism, for few
moments to deluge the arid part,
but it was too late, emotional
shades waited for your consent,
the monsoon changed the path
the wet sketch, slowly died
you turned down the request
the painting of the life suffocated,
seasons has thrown it ruthlessly
it s not easy to recognize, the
relations, some broken lines - - - -
- - - shantanu sanyal