Tuesday, 5 July 2011

In that elusive consent, amazing
Pleasure had veiled, as in the nub
Of a full-grown bloom, often dew
Nectar, venom, snare co existed –
Restive pollens of heart desired to
Fly through the placid wind, hence
The night all of a sudden became
Decade long, blinking of eyelashes
Crippled, entire persona turned to
An enigma of life, lethal smile had
The wide ranging effects, in the
Distance moonlit blazed the valley,
Nocturnal silence prevailed away
Far away, clouds of smoke I do not
Know exactly, a feeling of mist, may
Be nomadic emotion were flying -
Above the tranquil beautiful lake, in
Magical touch of eyes created a
Aurora, the waves of passion didn’t
Find out the magnetic poles, life
Had unexpected occurrence on
Those moments, a pebble has
Thrown, the multiple waves made
The circles of sensation, a few get the
Edge, some sank instantly in the core!
A feeling to preserve somebody’s
Love for everlasting way is not so
Simple, prolong burning of desert
Carries some droplets of rain, while
Numerous arid, discarded planets have
A few chances to absorb the moisture,