Saturday, 20 November 2010


here i shaded off my egos, tonight
i m going to change my fins, scales
cutting the fangs, hidden nails, canines
let me alter the dreadful my  look
its moment to self enlightenment, just
wait before touching my perception,
exquisite your body acquired sandal
seasonal all flowers scattered perfumes
angel kissed your heart in passion,
let me humanize first, do not step near
me, as smell of wilderness would be
diluted to the purity of adoration,
just wait for some while, let the reflection
allow me to touch your submission,
the process desires some more periods
here let me to see my image in the
mirror, exposed completely to compare
my persona with you, i do not want
to betray, please try to look me in the
broad day light, darkness has different
tale, a invisible line divides, between the
lust and love, i left the decision on you.
-- shantanu sanyal

The ox bow lake

as a solitary ox bow lake, in the peak
summer, quench the thirst of wilderness
stable unwavering surface of heart is
shivered sometimes, sudden sound makes
the life miserable, knee deep water
does not support to save the herbivores,
did you read the emotions? deer eyes
look beautiful, dark lined, moisturized
big eye lashes, nightmarish all the time
insecurity trims the wings of dreams,
the little sensation creates the panic,
observed the sentiments of isolated
slum dwellers, unknown face of brothels
disfigured walls of life had many tales,
the street children searched the shelter
in the extreme winter for one night only
in the midnight you kept the face on
my chest and remarked- you have no
romantic sense, how to explain dear,
the river has some hidden valleys too,
sometime why we become oxbow lake ?
-- shantanu sanyal