Saturday, 18 December 2010


avalanched desires does not wait
for longer, you submerged my
persona in the circle of adoration,
a crystal blaze graphed up to vision,

trees, flowers, branches, twigs, bud
whole the world filled with romance,
we walked on the surface of lunar bliss
wild blooms were burgeoned in soul,

the cascade of mystic colorful flow
curtained our moment of compliance,
we have no hesitation to exchange the
body, heart, emotion, passion, desires
we looked our glittering faces on the
reflection of moonlight, a graceful glow,

drop drop fragrance was dripping down
on the surface hundreds lotus bloomed,
we were no more considered as mammals
in that junction our soul had been the
fire birds, flying far away, touching to the
prismatic rainbow, later we renewed
the physical look as a form of magnificent
bunch of roses dipped in the dew droplets!


midnight passed, moon dissolved
a profound silence across the vales,
a painful violin still reciting the old
melody, reverberation goes through
heart to soul, in the concealed
moments, body becomes senseless,

just crushed by someone mercilessly
the sound pierces in to the muscles,
mind, chest, everywhere quick as the
laser beam, the tune has some mystic
effects, we feel uneasy, nervous, as deer
runs consistently to save the life, though
in the vision no any predator is existed,

unexpectedly life cries for liberation
the planet in second looks a big zero,
actually, physical desires go to saturation
the subversive thirst wants new creations,

here the violinist grows itself,perception
starts mourning songs, we roam
disparately to search extra bliss, and
we overlooked around us, some eyes
have still adoration, we did not think
the exploration of pure heart, might be
those eyes have dim light, but they glow!



i did not get the path in the
interweave of you adoration
as in the solar eclipse, birds
confused to find the way
between light and darkness,

the profound, unsolved dialect
of your eyes made the moment
mystified, as bees sometimes
becomes speechless after looking
the beautiful paper flowers,

i do not know the final touch
creation, heart has been changed
an abstract art, caption is hidden
in your mind, the thirst is ocean,
the fidelity has grown, as ardent
feelings want to bloom, flare- up
the beauty of concealed sweet flames,

life moves in the orbit of your
persona, own axis is worthless, futile
in your reflection only my planet
glow, without you life is moonless
dense night, the thread is in your
fingers, breathing turned kites,
blinking eyelashes have influenced
the up down waves of heart,

my life is existed only in your smiles
the chest is the valley of volcano
your consent has the endless rains,


miles and miles the brush
painted the colors of life,
emotions did not agree to
sleep for a while, in all the
pigments, devotion inhaled,
i created dreams on your
soul, it s not only a portrait,

when and how we became
the mixing liquid we do not
know, unusual shades derived,
i sat hours near the window
thinking only for you, a color
of divine, delighted in a way
forgot the face of blue sky,

far away a tiny wild river flows
in th full moon night, your
liberal smile scatters the aroma
weeds bloom looks more
silvery,a magic grip the heart,
in this moments, feelings
becomes genderless,Krishna
and Radha fuse in different
image, the rare persona , just like
an unisex flower creates the
itself the new generation, an
extreme level of love here denies
the myth of science, theories
become the blind hypothesis,

whenever you appeared before
me, i found the dreams are
converted into the gorgeous
fresco, all charms of planet fixed
on your body, i afraid in this
moment to touch you, might be
some dreams are wet, i do not
want the eternal beauty to be disturbed,

painting- Jayant Mukherjee