Saturday, 18 December 2010


midnight passed, moon dissolved
a profound silence across the vales,
a painful violin still reciting the old
melody, reverberation goes through
heart to soul, in the concealed
moments, body becomes senseless,

just crushed by someone mercilessly
the sound pierces in to the muscles,
mind, chest, everywhere quick as the
laser beam, the tune has some mystic
effects, we feel uneasy, nervous, as deer
runs consistently to save the life, though
in the vision no any predator is existed,

unexpectedly life cries for liberation
the planet in second looks a big zero,
actually, physical desires go to saturation
the subversive thirst wants new creations,

here the violinist grows itself,perception
starts mourning songs, we roam
disparately to search extra bliss, and
we overlooked around us, some eyes
have still adoration, we did not think
the exploration of pure heart, might be
those eyes have dim light, but they glow!