Saturday, 14 August 2010


that was a humidify sunday
morning glory in full bloom
suddenly an old designed mirror
slipped and broken in multi pieces
foggy sky ,dots of some gray clouds
just moving on the blues as soft
finger prints --or vapour on the glass
collected pieces kept near the vase
it was alone since prolong
perhaps ! it desired flowers
forgotten to close the window
and -- vase fell down on the floor
in the few moments
pieces were multiplied
half written letters,book pages
began fluttering-- strange unusual
may be - - rain lash the town !
or something unexpected episode
to be awaited - - -
whole the noon passed in the dwindelling
no rain,dull, bored day ended at last ,
door bell - - - knocking
with lot of suspicions, open the door
an unknown person raised his hands
"its for you "-- smiling face
a bouquet of red roses - - a slip attached
everlasting deep love  - - - from --
mirror was replaced, new vase decorated
morning glory bloomed again and again
but i didnt find the missing name of that tag,
mysterious fragrance sometimes
remained in the life - - - as touch of
butterfly - - -
- - - shantanu sanyal