Sunday, 9 October 2011


"I haven't claim, I didn't give you anything
that's your due, deposited since birth, 
just I giving back to you, that love drops 
of petrous, old  eyes had no remorse,
what kind of loan transactions, creators 
and creation that's all, I don't know apart 
that any definition of self-interest", in the
silence of  cumbersome twilight, in the rim
of  wrinkled eyes, the life of sun looked 
sinking, unresolved question of twilight,
in its shadow, heart searches the essence
of survival, beneath the basil sapling, 
earthen lamp flashing, tuberose didn't 
overt the cysts of fragrance, ever not dry 
the ground of affection, the fluidity of 
relationship is descensive, origin of flow
hides himself in the darkness of ruins,
attachment for someone is the process
to quash own persona for dizen to other,
on that climax, life becomes  free from
entire desire, expectation, towards 
the eternal truth, a process to self victory, 
and that's the point humanity matures,