Thursday, 6 October 2011


spellbound passion within my persona,

desires to see you in  back to the bone, 

obscenity's interpretation was virtually -

created by pseudo characters, stamped

by the cleric of hidden membrane, the 

eleutheros emotion doesn't care the 

iron rods, darkness melts all impervious

prison walls, the soul can not be -

captured by jail guard either emperor !

it born naked, its destiny is seminal,

I'm free from elusive bond, theatrical 

relationship, false gloss, the hypocrisy,

eternal truth is that I'm only the organic 

cage of blood and flesh, which were 

minted in masculinity, to create a new

life, there is nothing, any philosophy or 

logic amid us, except the natural

exchange since genesis, the seed and

the wet clay, beautiful agreement to 

germinate the tender leaf, condition is 

the loyalty to one other, to save humanity,

decency, towards the tamed attitude,

amid us darkness is assertive, eyes

of mind can see the across the body, the 

life is complementary here, cool and 

longing to live, for each others necessity,

cross equation towards the saturation.

  Fantastic Paintings by Leonid Afremov from Belarusian


On the shades of life, reflection of light

Creates nacre of feeling, black or white -

Pearl has its own appeal, prettiness of

Heart, comes out from the eyes, face,

Smiles, outer layers were concave, that -

Modesty of insight drags to love you, on

Nadir line, few tiny crystals don’t let me

To sink into the despair, often I floated

Near to sublime, affections have been

Integrated, mingled in breath, life looks

More striking, challenges have its own

Adventurous glamour, compromises –

Didn’t discontinue the sequence of zeal,

I succeed to search in the dense sand -

Storm, the missing link of extinct lake, yes

That place only exist in the spirit of love.