Friday, 10 December 2010


symphony of breathing, in proximity of
love, short life became the rare sonata,
cherished kisses painted the heart in a way,
i forgot whole the world in a moment

passion flowers, lavender, morning glories
witnessed numerous times that you kissed
me in the dawn, soft noon, in the cerulean
evening, night lilies opened the petals, when
you touched me, moon light infringed the

 the dual inhalation turned to the
rare mystic valley of unknown dream land,
my heart, soul, corporal, spiritual all the
sensation reduced in the embraced waves,
in early morning, creased moments as
the floral bed sheets unfolded the secrets
of shared pleasures,

drop by drop bliss was
falling from your eyes, face, skin, lips,silently
we teased to each other and filled the our life,
with the divine beauties, we received the
blessing of nature in the smiling tender dawn,

we walked far away more than the our life
nature said, its not adequate to love some one
in short life span, countless passion is needed
to go through the planet of heart,

 here we
reached only at knee deep flow, the chest of
ocean having the everlasting , infinite depth
in the center of the extreme love, its heard that
two bodies becomes the celestial creatures ----
---- shantanu sanyal

myth of paradise

showing the myth of paradise
and killing the innocent, where
is the great philosophy of belief?
ridicules is the camouflage of
great persona, we have to decide
by brain and choose the reality
we can not make the public fool
if they have the develop will,
the false religious addiction has
side effects too my dear friends,
just follow the path of humanity,
---- shantanu sanyal