Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The thunderous laugh

The thunderous laugh

The wine, women, music, dance

Whole the night thunderous laugh

“God is the great.” Contradiction

Counting the dead bodies---

Of so called unbeliever enemies,

Late night slogan is continued –

God is the great, what type s God

Who loves only the blood and blood!

Flowers, sleeping child s sweet smile

The moon, stars, loving to each other

Beautiful dreams, laughing faces

Why doesn’t your God like these?

If God is great, why followers became

Lunatic, monsters, inhuman, wild

The blood suckers, Dracula s breed,

What’s wrong in the philosophy?

Please show me the God, not my-

Because my God is existed everywhere

In the face of poor, weaker, lapper

In the pain of orphanage ----- in the

Each and every particles of planet

Just show me, your great God

Who loves only destructions and

Assassination of innocent human

I have to ask him, why he created -

The devils? The heartless animals!

The planet is the beautiful, we do not

Want the ugly spots.

--- Shantanu Sanyal

Monday, 26 July 2010

the real paradise

the real paradise

An imaginary personality, ridiculous

Followers in millions just running –

Behind the shadows, blind eyes killing

The innocent after the rituals of their

Supremacy, Jesus, Buddha wants rescue

The brutal attack of primitive habitat –

Civilization failed, Darwin s theory

Reversed, de-evolution is continued.

What’s wrong in the human behaviors?

Once a Friday, after the prayer

Some people assembled, near the

Worship place, dragged one innocent-

Traveler and killed him ruthlessly

And raised victory slogan ---

The man before dying requested

Folding the hands for mercy –

They didn’t forgive him, because

They were real, pure follower of

An imaginary object and others

Are caterpillars, insects, non believer,

They have no rights to survive

What type s planet is created by them?

The millions moisturized eyes

Speechless, after the carnage of Mumbai,

The twin tower tragedy, covered

Under the shrouds of debris –

The bloodbath is continued, destination is

unknown. Humanity and brotherhood are

Absurd, meaningless—here religion is

Addiction and peoples are carnivores.

The cannibalizing process is persistently

Going on in different shape ---

Rest of the world has to think

For future -- -- how to make the planet

Beautiful, the real heaven – it’s a question.

---- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 25 July 2010

the re- exploitation

The re- exploitation

The Secluded hamlet, enclosed

By hills, mountains, streams ---

Somewhere under the anonymous

Wild flower tree, near the waterfalls

Magnificent, untouched, my virgin-

Dreams, often tried to catch

The floating stripped moments,

Like the slippery catfish –

Desires betray all the time,

Dry flowers and leaves, some

Deep kisses, love letters

Shared pleasures and whispers

Familiar odors, broken gifts

All the memories slowly

Settled down and mixed with

Sediment, in the depth of river

Your masked, innocent face

Lures still to dream --------------

For renovation by red roses

Its sympathy or re - exploitation

For the dreams, I do not know.

--- Shantanu Sanyal

Saturday, 24 July 2010

The emotional adultery

shattered, smashed moments of past

wants to touch softly the tender petals

searching the sleeping child s pure smile

clouds have to break the rainbow

I desire to collect the colors

empty hands raised, stratched to hug

the sky, everlasting thirst and your eyes,

the burned canopy of life

waiting to absorb the dew droplets

from your rozy delicate lips,

emotions do not care the confines

mature flowers have to scatter the aroma

flowers are blooming again

under the shade of your myaterious smile

let me leave to live for some more moments

please do not classify, vulgarity, beauty

just close the social dictionary

my emotions want adultery

Iam in love, again ---

--- shantanu sanyal

Friday, 23 July 2010

I did not recognize---

I did not recognize
or confused to distinguish
between the two shades,
a microline is divorced
although street was parallel
colours mixed to each others,
pigments were radicals
expelled and ---created grey clouds
gathered on surface of soft
expression ,
suddenly the sky was monotonous
I found myself in to the centre of
whirlwind, trying to overcome
and unseen intuition
raised the hands and hugged me,
in a moment-
sky was purple blue a massive umbrella
ornamented by silvery flowers
emotions were flying high
a passion to create and produce
something the new, up to the minute
an innovative idea
colors appealed me -said
yet day is bright
touch me -- love me
just desire the authentic concept
fill the colours -- thats life.
-- shantanu sanyal

The bitter truth

Bitter Truth

The bitter truth

Just touch me, the ceaseless ignition

Wants you entirely she said once,

The eyes contact was entered

Through the lips to lower the abdomen,

Do not tag me by poem, artificial flowers

The definition of love is insignificant

The natural beauties are live

Because exchange of fertility is existed

Do not show me dreams of

Moon, stars, flowers, waterfalls, rivers

I know in your eyes the planet is

The graceful canvas of the life,

Because you can not see through me

Please hug me, I desire to break

In your mighty arms forever---

The outer layers of your body

Falling itself does not try to patch it

My barren, thirsty, deserted valleys are

Challenging you just lash down

The hidden rains for new sprouts –

The masked face dropping the saliva

Do not try to screen the lust, desires lava

That’s uncontrollable, let it erupt

My persona is prepared to absorb the

Splash of masculine river, just show

Your inner strength of condensed vitality

---Shantanu Sanyal

Thursday, 22 July 2010

morning dream

early morning dreams become true
once you said to me
walking up thoughts
one by one multiplied wishes
whole the night
memories assembled
moon, stars and the galaxy
congregated around the bed
slowly didn't know
what s happened
a deep darkness
coating my persona
unknown two hands
wanted to catch my neck
I screamed --- echo returned back
whole the night, I tried and tried
a sweet dream which can alter my life
full of love and ecstatic moments
some one may be provide me
early morning -- knock at door
after opening--
a child was standing before me
and smiling with the flourish look
she wanted to show me a butterfly
in the neighborhood flowers were abundant
it was spring,I never saw such beautiful dream

--- shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


the different world
once created by someones
sand houses on the beach
knitted by soft fingers
the dreams as silky touch
foot prints are still existed
once they walked on
the wet surface holding hands
aquatic birds often visit there
and search the safe place
nesting process is continued
since the earth is born
uncontrolled waves sometimes
want to abolish
the fossilized heart
but failed to destroy the memories
in the low tide
the submerged mystic world
often visible in the moon light
layers of emotion
inhales from the muddy wet land
far away waves cries
and the tear drops hides
in the oysters inner bodies
fossilized love shines in the
shape of multicolored pearls-
---- shantanu sanyal

WHO KNOWS - - - ?

floating some rotten flowers
on the bank of the river-
the ancient temple stairs are
touching the destiny s consequences,
today someone is star of your eyes
tomorrow who would knew
out of detection might be,
do not love extremely,exceptionally
keep some space for
collecting the pieces of the
broken dreams---
little away a corpse is floating
on the waves, wandering dogs
are sitting near the edge with dropping
the saliva---
died did not know who loved, or hated
and emerged in the water
he is out of all philosophy
eagles, vultures are flying over the high
nothing is the new in it
death is the absolute truth
no one could disloyal to it
bells are ringing in the
ruined century old temple of Shiva
conch s sound mingling with
near by passing a train through the bridge
a dingy boat far away --towards the south
going to the unknown destnation
who knows the last mark of the journey?
the love and hate together promised for survival
might be it ridiculous but it is the 
part of life----
- - - shantanu sanyal


metallic darkness and ethnic love
rejects the artificial margins in the woodland,
a transparency challenges
to so called man made civilization
two shadows hugged as the wild climbers
live or die, on the each others arms
no taxomony, between the prey and predator
the centuries old thirst
a self burning process,a sweet sensation
flows through the nerves, winy winds,
wild mahuva flowers, blended in the saliva
an age old drink , breaks the myth
stripped shadows passed over the log bridge
the sweat smells every where
drum beating is continued in the lower valley-
in the tribal habitat through the monotonous
rythm,metallic darkness becoming the thicker
and thicker, near by nervous call of stag
hysterically,creating the atmosphere in more
ferocious and seductive flair
moon is hidden in the canopy
in midnight the ignition reached to its peak
massive burning every where
shadows moisturized, breathing and screams
converted in the sweet amalgum of satisfaction
hidden clouds are waiting some where
to burst in the millions particles
the moon still under the black
muscles of clouds, tonight nature
scattered more space for two unknown lovers.
---- shantanu sanyal


expression was tried to be domesticated
inner demon leaped and climbed to the brain
to be called a sterilized man
gone through by the yoga and gym
from the religious doctrines to secular ideology
tried to convert the pseudo principles
a method to winning the desires
connection to the sanyas--
for self declaration of a pure absolute male
always the hollowness attached
remained uncontrolled inner fire
found the most volatile,explosive
a massive dense forest burning--since the earth
is existed,necked truth--accepted the failures
internal monster never dies
in subconsense,pleasure have multi fangs
a lust of hot flesh, a power to supress the weaker
challenging the spiritual phobia
human being never to be domesticated
biologically or socially
widerness gives him pleasure,satisfactions
omnivores ---the supreme creature
no mask--no veil--no shame ---unfold
entire transparency
a full sized glass--highlighted by
false flowers,leaves ---
continued blooming and falling down
one by one in the dense darkness
the layers of civilization unfolds its colors
in the same way --- onions unfold
and gives away the tear drops
eyes are found always answer less --
every one wants to look his stripped image
in the mirror of life.
--- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Tale of the journey

Tale of the journey

The remote halt for trains,

Surrounded by mountains, dense -

Forests, wild rivers ---

The last train passed, its midnight

Platform was deserted

Some four-five persons

And a moment crossed the gate,

Before closing the station

He checked the platform area

As a routine before going

To the bed, his bungalow was

Nearer to the halt, big, spacious

Extra large for a bachelor,

He was a handsome

Muscular young man, station

Master come booking clerk –

His desires and lust

Were endless, tribal compared

Often with wild bison to him,

How to trap the prey

And squeeze until the last drop,

He knew very well

Victims always attracted to his

Greek structure of body

And that plus point

Made him sex maniac,

It was pre monsoon, in sky thin

Clouds were flying

He entered in side the home

Stripped and drank wine

As usual –gone to bed

And started thinking for

Next prey, already lured to

Villagers by some money,

Suddenly some knock on the door

A beautiful woman was before him

He dragged her in to the bed,

In the morning, booking window

Didn’t open, traveler were worried

Reached to the bungalow

And found the dead necked

Body of station master

People never seen again that

Beautiful woman

Who often seemed by the tribal

In the past, unfamiliar face with

Extra ordinary beauty—

---Shantanu Sanyal

Friday, 16 July 2010

The dreams of morning

The dreams of morning

All dark sides of the life, assembled -

Near the bed I couldn’t sleep last night.

Every body was insisting, I had to share

Some moments with them,

One personality and hundreds characters!

How to satisfy every one, in a short night?

Infancy wanted to give back the virginity-

As friends snatched the innocent beauty

For experimental fun ---in the rainy nights,

Juvenile days demanded to get back the purity

As adults made them addicted of desire--

Some mature faces were unsatisfied as

Society forced them to follow the false doctrines,

Few old wrinkles were tired, wanted

Fresh wind to live for some more days

Endless catalog, only one thing was common-

All the sides were blank pages.

I failed to answer them, just distributed

The dreams of morning, which was standing

Somewhere in the back of darkness---

---Shantanu Sanyal

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The reflection

The beautiful denial by you,

That once you kissed me!

Nothing surprise in that, that’s

Happened, but is it possible to-

Remove the lip prints on the heart?

I do not know, is it easy,

Refusal of reality, flowers and

Its fragrance, difficult to put

Out of sight, just take it normal.

The agreement between the eyes,

Acceptance was unconditional

I filled the colors and you became

The master piece, the painter

And his creation that’s all,

It’s not necessary that image will

Love to her creator.

Rejection has its own flavor

Overlapped by unexplored essence

Just try, whenever you will sit

Before the mirror,

The reflection of love will ask you

the secret of lie.

--Shantanu Sanyal

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Confession

The Confession

Ignorance of your profound love

I couldn’t recognize the depth-

And roamed through the shallow

Waters, life didn’t satisfy me-

My endless search for cerebral peace

Carried me from one place to other,

I changed the relations, every night

As changing the costumes,

Seasons has executed his role nicely

When I looked my image in to the

Life-sized mirror, found myself stripped

It was to late, grey haired face

Wrinkles lines, dried chest-----and

Half burned cigarettes, empty wine-

Glasses, didn’t want to release me,

I know, the passed moments wouldn’t

Come back, but doors are opened

As I fear to the loneliness.

Some desires never ends-

Some dreams are longer than the life.

---Shantanu Sanyal